I Sought For Escorts to Feel Like a Man Again

I Sought For Escorts to Feel Like a Man Again

Dating and relationships are tricky in this modern age, with more men admitting to seeking escort services and prostitutes. Well, I am a 35 and single and one of the culprits. I am currently an accountant in the profession and earning a decent salary to cater to my needs, including having some luxurious life. I grew up in a stable religious household, and I performed well academically at a private school, earning a university scholarship. During my primary school ages, I only slept with one girl I was in a committed relationship with, but she later dumped me for another muscular guy.

Everything transformed when I began courting my second fiancée. Soon after we started seeing, each other, she relocated to London to join college and requested me to join her. Although it as a big task, I was madly in love and accepted to move in with her. What I wasn’t aware is that I was sacrificing for a girl who would later upset me intensely. The infidelity started when I went through journal and knew that she did not love me and had only asked me to go with her for easy transition to the new province and school. Rather than what she had led to believe that she had limited sexual experience, she had had threesomes, been with girls, and had already met a new boyfriend. I was super crushed by this second heartbreak and just felt like not a man enough to tame a girl.

This is the pivotal time that changed my dating life. I was new to the city, and I wasn’t familiar with anyone except my sweetheart who left me. I would go out to a club or bar and drink alone in a corner. There were hot ladies always picking up guys at the bar. When a waiter told me they were, London escorts picking clients at the bar. I couldn’t resist trying out the opportunity of feeling like a man again. I just desired to attain to her quantity; that she has slept with fifteen dudes and had four threesomes. I wanted to be her level.

Since then, it has been more than ten years of dating girls from the London agency. However, there is this one female escort that I will never forget. I met Katie at a restaurant after graduating and securing a job as an accountant. She was a mature, hot, and sexy brunette with a stunning figure and perky breasts. Her long blonde hair reaches down to her frame and cascades over the breasts. She loves dominating her clients and being the boss in bed, one of my sexual fetishes that I was yet to fulfill in bed.

Katie gave me a porn star experience while using sex toys to give me a hard spanking. She entertained me first while making me hornier ready for action, and then wholly dominated over me. I had never experienced a more steamy section and intense orgasm than I did. I felt like a man again as she did everything to please me. The best thing about her is her intelligence and self-confidence with a lot to offer outside bed. Now, it’s been a year of paying for her escort services, sometimes just to spend time even without sex. I think I have found a woman who makes me feel like a man.

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